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 Why SMART Video-Stylet ? 

  • Disposable Single-use Video-Stylet, currently fits ETT sizes 6.5+

  • Many successful video-stylet intubations across numerous centers (large and small) have been performed in U.S., nationwide

  • Portable adjustable monitor with IV pole mount available

  • KEY ADVANTAGES vs. Competitors: BETTER Visualization (into Trachea), LOWER COST, NO ADDED invasiveness (remains within ET Tube), BETTER Malleability, and SAFETY

  • IMPROVED FIRST-ATTEMPT odds of successful intubation via visualization

  • IDEAL for O.R., ICU, E.R., Crash Carts, EMT/Paramedics, Military, more...

  • Affordable for EVERY INTUBATION (so you can have it and not need it, vs. vice-versa)

  • Contact us NOW to use it YOURSELF

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